“FUROCHE" was Xochil (Zack) Fortune, a Brookyn-based Producer, DJ, Artist, Musician, and entrepreneur.

A businessman in street clothing, Zack started his own company in 2006 called SNK/SWM, it evolved to SLAY, specializing in boutique printing, design and merchandising of his artwork as well as others. He traveled the world as a drum tech/stage manager for The Misfits, printed merchandise for A-list celebrities, and developed a substantial following among the underground electronic and Rap circuit. His enthusiasm and energy attracted the attention of brands such as MISHKA, WeSC, BeatsbyDRE, The Hundreds, and the like. Furoche incorporated a wide variety of styles into a genre-bending, crowd-moving, party experience that is appropriate for everything from festivals and corporate events to weekly club nights and sweaty warehouse raves.

In 2014 he teamed up with the Buygore and the Dream Brigade family.

He continued to push his craft in every direction possible, until his death at 27 years old, June 11, 2014.